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The ratio of respected DJs to respected MCs today is an unbalanced tipping scale. Back in the day, you wouldn’t find one without the other; the guy with the mic narrowing the distance between the DJ and the crowd. I think one of the problems nowadays is that some of them don’t know when to pipe down. A quick YouTube browse of the comments from any Boiler Room or Just Jam session will back me up- it took about ten seconds to find this choice admonition: “Why can’t you just shut the fuck up? How would you think that what you have to say could represent any once [sic] of interest to anyone at this moment?!”

That’s just one of several (hundred) complaints. Bit scathing. It seems the minute an MC gets a bit too verbal over someone’s favourite track, they’re parley to a torrent of abuse from people attempting to recreate parties of yore in front of their laptops. It’s not completely game over for MCs though. There are a solid handful that have the respect of the forever critical lovers of dance music, and few more so than Sgt Pokes. Founding member of dubstep bastians DMZ, MC for Skream and Magnetic Man and all round much loved and respected humourist, Pokes flexes a kind of wit that’s garnered him his own unique fanbase.