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Learn to DJ, produce, rap and perform your music from leading professionals in their respective genres.

One on One Tuition

We offer one on one tuition via zoom chat with your desired instructor.

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We have a team of award wining tutors who have years of 'in the field' knowledge and experience. Learn from some of the best in the business.


Get a first hand insight into the music industry

The Big Sound Academy is the brainchild of a creative collective of like minded individuals who believe that learning dose not have to follow the constraints of the national curriculum. Their belief is that great talent can benefit from experience and networking with other successful professionals in the music industry, to give students a prosperous head start in the business. 

The artists we have chosen to work with are passionate and highly skilled at what they do. They now want to invest their vast knowledge back into the music scene which has been their livelihood for over 100 years collectively.

The Big Sound Academy’s passion for music is paramount and drives their ethos to ‘collaborate, educate and create’.

Why T.B.S.A

Our tutors have been working in the music industry for most of their lives. They have years of experience and want to share their knowledge with like minded creatives who want to learn more or start a career in music.

  • Unorthodox teaching that works
  • Tutors with hands on experience in the music industry
  • We offer one on one tuition via zoom chat with your desired instructor
  • Commitment to getting students where they want to be

Our Mission

Our Mission is to encourage, educate and share knowledge with students to get there to where they want to be in the music industry. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have a lifetime of experience in their fields. They believe as strongly as us that good tuition can encourage a wealth of creativity.

  • Educate
  • Progress
  • Collaborate
  • Succeed

Our Vision

To encourage our students to progress in their passion and follow their dreams in music.

  • Encouragement
  • Professional Teaching
  • Creativity
  • Success

Global Ranking

We are a world class institute. Our network of professionals make us truly one of a kind. Our tutor team is constructed from award winning tutors who want to give something back to their community and like minded creatives.

  • One of a kind
  • Fully Equipped
  • Student satisfaction
  • Success

Research Areas

We as an institute researched the finest, working tutors who have been successful in their fields. We have researched everything our students need to know and broken our information down in to easy ingest courses.

  • Professionals in the field
  • Business
  • Formulas
  • Approach



Your future awaits you! Take your next big step and learn from those who are living a life of music.

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